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Schedules For February & Beyond are on Hold Pending Updates from the Province, KFL&A Public Health & the City of Kingston


2020/21 Season

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  • House League Schedules
  • Initiation Program (I.P.)
  • House League Practices
    See The Schedules Page - October 2020
  • Pre-Season Schedule
  • Spring Hockey

2020/21 Tournaments

General 2020/21 Notes:

  • Pre-Season
  • Roster Select (PD) Assessments
  • Novice and New Player assessments
  • Coaches' Meeting
  • House League practices

    begin Saturday, Oct. 3rd

  • House League Games
  • CAL Day of Champions

    Undetermined at this time

HL = House League

Family Friendly Schedules

The House League season, for Novice to Midget, lasts 20 weeks and begins at the end of Septemeber and concludes on the first weekend in March. Each team is alloted, on average, two ice times a week; one practice and one game. At the discretion of the league, older age groups typically drop their practice ice time for an extra game in December prior to the Christmas break. Our House League practices times are consistently on the same day at the same time each week, for the duration of the season Usually varies the first week or two dependent on ice availability. Games vary according to the schedule, usually on weekends, sometimes week night evenings.

Season Overview - Not Applicable for 2020-21 Season

Association teams will play each other in an initial round robin series to start the season and then depending on the age group and at the discretion of the league may be divided into split divisions for competitive balance. If some age groups do not split at that time they may be split at the end of a second round robin or will be split before our yearly Championship Week. This process is described in the CAL Hockey Handbook section IV, Splits, Play-Offs And Championships. Click Here to read our latest approved version of the Handbook.


Play Gaming & Entertainment Centre and the OLG
Provides Funding in Support
of our Minor Hockey

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