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Trainers' Training

Trainers Courses

It is required that all house league & roster select PD teams include an official who is certified and registered with the OMHA as an HTCP trainer as per OMHA Regulations/Policy.

HTCP Level I – this certification is valid for 3 seasons including the season of issue. Those holding a HTCP Level I must attend an HTCP clinic and re-qualify after the 3rd season. There is no equivalency to the HTCP Level 1.

HTCP Level II – Any person who shows proof of current certification in Standard First Aid from a recognized service provider and has successfully completed HTCP Level I may be granted the HTCP Level II.
Clinics (classroom style) are offered by the OMHA each year, and occassionally by the CAL. You can find a listing of all available clinics on the OMHA Website.
We encourage you to consider the option complete the course using the new Online Course offered by the HDCO and sanctionned by the OMHA to achieve Trainer Level 1 and Trainer Level 1 Refresher.  Online training facilitates the access of the course to your schedule and can be completed from home.

Trainers Refresher Clinic

HTCP Level I Refresher Clinic: This is a 4 hour refresher clinic for current Level I Trainers.  With the advent of online certification/recertification, there are very few classroom recertification clinics.  It is important to remember that you must renew your Trainers Certification prior to October 31st in the year your current certification is set to expire.

HTCP Level II Upgrade: A current Level 1 certified trainer can upgrade to Level II by submitting Standard First Aid certification from a recognized first aid provider group, to the OMHA.

OMHA Standard Expiry Date

August 31st every 3 years – All new traners can attend clinics in the spring or fall where offered. All coaching staff who require renewal of their August 31 expiration date must complete an OMHA Refresher Clinic or online recertification prior to October 31st; the upcoming fall season in order to have their certification renewed.

Respect in Sport, Speak Out or PRS Prevention Services Certification:

Respect in Sport is required by all volunteers. It is now a stand alone module, and is no longer included in the Coach Stream, CHIP or Trainers Clinics. Respect in Sport is an online certification, access portal can be found on the OMHA Website.

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