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What's New This Season

Dos and Dont's

COVID-19 has impacted just about every aspect of our day-to-day lives, and hockey is no exception. There are a number of new protocols and procedures that must be followed this season in order for our children to continue to enjoy the game they love. Please make note of the following DOs and DON’Ts and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

DO self-screen before leaving for the arena. Use the Ontario government’s COVID-19 self-assessment tool located at or DON’T come to the rink if you or anyone close to you feels even a little symptomatic. DO rejoin us when you are feeling better.

DON’T use the wrong building entrance. The CAL has been assigned ice at the Invista Centre on the 2 north pads (Desjardins & Kingston Transit). To access these pads, park in the north lot and use the north entrance. You will not be permitted to enter via the south entrance.

DO respect the “one parent/guardian per player” rule for every game and practice. There are strict capacity limits both in the spectator stands and in the facility as a whole. Exceptions are available for spouses/partners of each team’s COVID-19 Safety Monitor and up to 3 members of the coaching staff when they are either on the bench (for a game) or on the ice (for a practice). Violating these limits could potentially lead to our ice time being taken away from us. Please DO follow any instructions provided by your team’s volunteer COVID-19 Safety Monitor.

DO arrive at the rink on time. Entry to the facility will not be permitted more than 15 minutes before your scheduled ice time. Doors will close at the start of your ice time, so please be ready to line up and sign in as early as possible during this window. We cannot guarantee that late arrivals will be permitted entry into the building.

DO ensure your player arrives at the arena dressed for play. Everything except for skates, helmets and gloves should be worn before entry. Goalies may also put on their pants, chest protector and pads inside. Hockey bags are allowed.

DO let the goalies enter the arena first. They will need more time to get ready.

DO wear a mask that covers your nose, mouth, and chin anywhere in the arena. This also applies to players and coaches unless they are wearing their helmets for practices.

DO remain physically distanced from anyone who is not in your immediate family when inside the facility or in the parking lot.

DON’T bring any food or beverage into the arena. This includes coffee/tea. Water in a refillable bottle is permitted. DO ensure your player brings their own water bottle clearly labelled with their name. Sharing of water bottles is strictly prohibited.

DON’T loiter in the lobby area once you gain entrance to the facility. Proceed directly to the spectator seating area inside the rink.

DO feel free to first accompany your child (U13 and younger) to the dressing room area to help them with skates or other equipment. After that, please make your way immediately to the spectator seating area.

DON’T try to watch your child’s game or practice from the arena floor (around the boards) or the lobby viewing area. Parents/guardians inside the facility may only watch from designated sections of the spectator stands inside the rink. DO dress warmly -- regardless of the temperature outside, it will be cold in the rink.

DO follow all rules, regulations, and signage at the facility and heed the instructions of arena staff.

DO your best to vacate the facility within 10 minutes of the end of your ice time. Avoid gatherings with other parents or players in the hallways, foyers, and parking lots.

DO cheer loudly for your player and your team but remember that first and foremost we are here so that our kids can get some exercise and have fun. This year, more than any other year, the focus must be on player development and fun over winning and losing.

Coach and Trainer Tips

    1. Off-ice pre-game warm-ups are not allowed.
    2. All players, especially at the younger ages, should be reminded to keep their hands to themselves and to avoid horseplay.
    3. There will be no body checking of any kind at any age.
    4. Pre-game talks should be avoided and should not be planned for.  Due to timing of arrival prior to games, coaches will only have a few minutes with their players before going onto the ice. If you want to communicate with your players, consider using technology such as Zoom.
    5. Players need to maintain as much separation as possible during practices. Coaches should promote physical distancing on the ice, while recognizing that there may be times of close contact between players. Use of player benches should be avoided during practices.  No scrimmages during practices.
    6. All bench staff must wear a mask covering mouth, nose, and chin during games. Coaches and trainers will not be allowed on a bench if they are not wearing a mask.
    7. During games, coaches are strongly advised to avoid touching players.  Touching includes, but is not limited to, taps on the shoulders, back or helmets, etc.
    8. Trainers should wear non-latex gloves when attending to an injured player. Gloves should be appropriately discarded after every use.
    9. Trainers are responsible for bringing and maintaining a first aid kit at every game and practice.
    10. Physical contact may be necessary when assisting a young player or a player with a disability (helping up or adjusting equipment) but, whenever possible, coaches and trainers should provide assistance without physical contact, or ask the player’s parent/guardian to assist.
    11. During gameplay, there will be no hugging or shaking hands to celebrate a goal or a win.  Preventing this behavior may be difficult; however, distancing behaviors must be encouraged.
    12. Participants must exit the ice immediately at the 50-minute buzzer. Delays will not be tolerated due to the impact on facility cleaning protocols. Following the completion of their ice times, players and coaches are to go directly to their dressing areas. 

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