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Introduction to the CAL

About the CAL

Founded in 1949, the Church Athletic League of Kingston (CAL) is the premier recreational hockey league for the children of Kingston, Ontario.  With its 1,100 players and more than 70 hockey teams, it is currently ranked as the second largest independent house league association in the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA).  Our players, aged between 5 and 17 years of age, often have strong links with the CAL as we now welcome many 3rd generation members returning for the classic family-friendly hockey environment that we offer.  We pride ourselves in offering a quality environment that will promote the healthy development of the next generation of our community.

Our Hockey

  • Equal ice time; regardless of abilities.
  • No body-checking.
  • Family friendly schedules.
  • Focussed on opportunities and well-being.
  • Associations-based organization.
  • IP (5-7 yrs) to Midget (15-17 yrs).
  • Up to 2 tournaments each year.

Our Goals & Objectives

  • To instil mutual respect.
  • To promote the principles of good citizenship.
  • To encourage appreciation, fun and understanding amongst all participants.
  • To build good character, through the examples set by coaches, managers and volunteers.
  • To treat all participants fairly, regardless of ability.
  • To develop sportsmanship and work ethic.

Our Programs

  • House League Hockey
  • Learn to Skate
  • Pre Season Hockey School
  • Power Skating
  • Goaltending Clinics
  • Player Development / Rostered Select
  • Spring Hockey

Our Teams

The CAL is divided in 10 associations.  Each Association will have at least one team at each age group.  Every association is named and associated with the historical and cultural background of one of the churches or communities of Kingston.  All the associations will put forward one representative to be the voice of that community on the Hockey Commitee, allowing the CAL and its Board of Directors to maintain contact with the members of the league.  Our associations are the following (click on the picture to contact the association’s representative):

Our Family-Friendly Schedule

The House League season, for Novice to Midget, lasts 20 weeks and begins at the end of Septemeber and concludes on the first weekend in March. Each team is alloted, on average, two ice times a week; one practice and one game. At the discretion of the league, older age groups typically drop their practice ice time for an extra game in December prior to the Christmas break. Our House League practices times are consistently on the same day at the same time each week, for the duration of the season(Usually varies the first week or two dependent on ice availability). Games vary according to the schedule, usually on weekends, sometimes week night evenings.

Our Season

Association teams will play each other in an initial round robin series to start the season and then depending on the age group and at the discretion of the league may be divided into split divisions for competitive balance. If some age groups do not split at that time they may be split at the end of a second round robin or will be split before our yearly Championship Week. This process is described in the CAL Hockey Handbook section IV, Splits, Play-Offs And Championships.

House League Tournaments

The CAL, in collaboration with the Fort Henry Heights Hockey Association, hosts the Kingston Causeway Classic house league tournament on December 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th of each year. The tournament continues to grow both in size and popularity (registration is first come-first served). New in 2010 was the introduction of the CAL Alumni Tournament, which is held in conjunction with the Kingston Causeway Classic, celebrating more than 60 years of House League Hockey in Kingston.

Our Rinks

In the fall of 2010, the Kingston Memorial Centre became the Church Athletic League’s home rink. Constantine Arena, located at C.F.B. Kingston, is the home rink for the Fort Henry teams. Our teams will also play games at the INVISTA Centre and at the Cataraqui/Kinsmen Arena.  We are pleased to have Kingston Memorial Centre as our home rink as it guarantees that CAL teams will have games every weekend without cancellation or relocation for other tournaments or special events.

Player Development (PD) Program

The Player Development program englobes two opportunities for the young athlete of the CAL; the Rostered Select (RS) team and the PD clinics.

The RS team, represented by the Panthers, allows the players of the CAL House League teams the oppertunity for additional skill development and a higher level of competition to their current hockey experience.  Following the on-ice assesments in September each year, a team is formed in each age group, following the OMHA’s policies and rules.  Each team is given an extra 2 hours of ice a week to practice more advanced skills and tactics.  The RS teams can also participate in up to 3 exhibition games a month and up to 3 tournaments each year.  Coaches and volunteers are also trained to offer a more refined technical development.

The PD clinics offer the players of the CAL oppertunities to benefit from a specialized coach teaching specific skills and abilities in a dedicated envrionment.  For example, the Power Skating clinics are very popular each season and allow the young athletes to refine their skating techniques, which adds to the development they receive with their team practices.