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Spring Hockey 3 on 3 Rules

  1. No body contact.
  2. No standings.
  3. No playoffs.
  4. 9 players and 1 goalie per team.
  5. 2 minutes warm-up.
  6. 2 x 23 minutes periods continuous play.
  7. No icings.
  8. Two referees per game.
  9. Fighting = ejection from the remainder of season. No refunds, no exceptions.
  10. Referees will indicate goals & penalties to the time keeper.
  11. When a goal is scored or the goaltender freezes the puck:
    - The referee will blow his whistle & yell “Clear the Zone!”
    - The offending team clears the zone (tags up at the blue line).
    - The offending team must allow the puck/puck carrier across the blue line.
    - Violations will result in a penalty shot.
  12. Off sides will be called; possession of the puck & half the ice will be given to the non offending team.
  13. Penalty shots for penalties; all players other than the shooter, who’s chosen by the referee, must kneel on the red line. Once the shooter crosses the blue line, players may pursue the shooter.
  14. C.A.L. rules apply as per the handbook (September 2012), with the exception of the fighting rule as stated above.
  15. Convener will balance teams during the season if necessary.

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