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General rules are to be observed before, during, and after any hockey activities

  1. If a player is unwell, they must not come to any hockey activities.
  2. A coach should be prepared to demand that anyone exhibiting signs or symptoms of illness must leave the facility immediately.
  3. If participants are at the rink and do not feel well or have identified respiratory symptoms, they must advise team staff immediately and put on a cloth mask. They should immediately go home and follow up with their physician.
  4. If a player on the team has tested positive for COVID-19, they must remain away from the team for a minimum of 14 days and their return to play will be subject to PHU recommendations in force at the time of absence. A physician’s note will be required at a minimum.
  5. Whenever possible, use of the restroom facilities at the rink should be avoided.  Players are encouraged to use the restroom at home prior to leaving for the rink.
  6. Showers are off-limits in dressing rooms. No showering at the rink.
  7. There will be no spitting in the dressing rooms or on the ice. This also means no spitting of water at any time at the rink.
  8. Players should bring their own drinks to the rink in water bottles clearly labeled with the player’s identity. THERE WILL BE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY REGARDING SHARING OF WATER BOTTLES. Please fill your bottle at home to avoid using public water fountains at the rink.
  9. Players must ensure to bring all equipment needed to play, including protective gear (padding, neck guard, mouth guard) and an extra hockey stick if possible. COACHES WILL NOT BRING EXTRA SUPPLIES AND THERE WILL BE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY REGARDING SHARING OF EQUIPMENT.
  10. Hand sanitizer will be available at all entry points. Please sanitize your hands as much as possible while remaining mindful to leave enough sanitizer for others.

Rules for Off-Ice Activities:

  1. Off-ice activities of any kind at any of the facilities are prohibited, including in the parking lots.

Guidelines & Requirements for Parents/Guardians at the Facility

  1. Parents are expected to follow all rules, regulations, and signage at the facility.
  2. Masks that cover the mouth, nose, and chin must be worn by parents/guardians at all times while in the facility.
  3. Parents/guardians are required to practice physical distancing at the rink.
  4. Parents/guardians are asked not to congregate in the hallways during or after the ice session.
  5. Spectator viewing is permitted in designated sections of the spectator stands only.  It will be cold, so be sure to dress appropriately.

Arriving at the Rink

  1. The City of Kingston has advised us that the load capacity per arena shall not exceed 50 people per ice pad. This total includes players, coaches, spectators, referees, timekeepers, and league officials, but excludes facility staff. We will allow no more than 1 parent/guardian to accompany any player under the age of 18 into the facility, with exceptions being granted for spouses/partners of team bench staff and the spouse/partner of each team’s COVID-19 Safety Monitor. Once the load capacity of 50 is reached in an ice pad, the COVID-19 Safety Monitor will be required to deny any additional entry into that ice pad. If this number changes (goes up or down) the COVID-19 Safety Monitor’ assigned to each team will be advised and will be responsible to communicating with the rest of the team.
  2. Participants (players, coaches, and trainers, spectators) should arrive at the rink no more than 15-20 minutes before the start of on-ice activities.  Any participant arriving earlier than 10 minutes before their start time must wait outside of the facility and practice appropriate physical distancing.
  3. When participants enter the hockey facility, they will be required to complete a self-screening and sign in process with the City of Kingston.  Once they have completed that they need to check in with their team’s COVID-19 Safety Monitor to confirm that they have self-screened and signed in. 
  4. When entering hockey facilities, all participants will follow the designated movement flow of the facility.  Designated entry and exit points must always be used properly.
  5. Players should arrive at the arena fully dressed except for skates and helmets as there is not much time to get ready and dressing room capacities will be limited by the City of Kingston. Goalies are not required to wear their chest protector, goalie pants or pads when entering the arena.


  1. Off-ice pre-game warm-ups are not allowed.  Rules for arriving at the rink described above must be followed prior to all on-ice activities.
  2. All players, especially at the younger ages, should be reminded to keep their hands to themselves and to avoid horseplay.
  3. There will be no body checking of any kind at any age.
  4. Physical contact may be necessary when assisting a young player or a player with a disability (helping up or adjusting equipment) but, whenever possible, coaches should provide assistance without physical contact, or ask the player’s parent/guardian to assist.
  5. Players and coaches are expected to follow physical distancing guidelines during practices. Coaches must design drills that prevent physical contact between players.
  6. Pre-game talks should be avoided and should not be planned for.  Due to timing of arrival prior to games, coaches will only have a few minutes with their players before going onto the ice. 
  7. Players need to maintain as much separation as possible during practices. Whenever possible, coaches should promote physical distancing on the ice, while recognizing that there may be times of close contact between players. Use of player benches should be avoided during practices.  No scrimmages during practices.
  8. All bench staff must wear a mask covering mouth, nose, and chin during games. Coaches and trainers will not be allowed on a bench if they are not wearing a mask.
  9. During games, coaches are strongly advised to avoid touching players.  Touching includes, but is not limited to, taps on the shoulders, back or helmets, etc.
  10. Trainers should wear non-latex gloves when attending to an injured player. Gloves should be appropriately discarded after every use.
  11. Trainers are responsible for bringing and maintaining a first aid kit at every game and practice.
  12. During gameplay, there will be no hugging or shaking hands to celebrate a goal or a win.  Preventing this behavior may be difficult; however, distancing behaviors must be encouraged.
  13. Participants must exit ice immediately at 50-minute buzzer. Delays will not be tolerated due to the impact on facility cleaning protocols. Following the completion of their ice times, players and coaches are to go directly to their dressing rooms. 

Exiting the Rink

  1. Following the completion of any ice times, players should proceed to the dressing room and remove their skates and helmets as quickly as possible.  Masks must be worn as soon as helmets are removed.
  2. Parents/guardians of players U11 (Atom) and younger may proceed to the dressing room area to assist their children with removing skates and helmets, as required.  Please continue to observe social distancing and dressing room capacity limits.
  3. Parents/guardians of players U13 (Peewee) and older may wait for their players either in the spectator stands or outside the facility. Teams at these levels are expected to leave the dressing room area TOGETHER and bench staff will bring the players to their parents. 
  4. Players and families should vacate the facility within 10 minutes of the completion of their ice time and avoid gatherings in the hallways, foyers, or parking lots.
  5. No on or off-ice interaction (socializing, team meetings, dryland activities) will be permitted following the conclusion of a practice or game at the facility.
  6. If players are being dropped off for a practice or game, parents/guardians must be made aware of the time the players will be done. The parents or other person assigned to pick up players at the arena must be punctual. Players should not have to wait for a ride.
  7. Coaches or other responsible adults should remain until all players are safe and have left the premises.