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CAL Dressing Room Policy


On Dec 20, the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) released the new Ontario Dressing Room Policy which comes into effect Feb 1, 2024:

The goal of this policy is to increase inclusion for everyone/decrease barriers. The CAL is adopting this policy and our team officials and bench staff to implement “Minimum Attire” and the “Rule of Two” in dressing rooms at ALL levels involving youth under 18.

Key highlights of the Dressing Room Policy:

  1. Players will have access to the Dressing Room facilities that most appropriately meet their individual needs and gender identity.
  2. To facilitate this, all participants will wear Minimum Attire. Minimum Attire is defined as “…clothing or a base layer that covers the pelvic region (ideally coverage would be from waist to upper thigh but, at a minimum there needs to be coverage of the buttocks and genitalia) and the chest area of the participant. Ideally Minimum Attire above the waist should include clothing or a base layer covering most of the body between the neck and the waistline, it must, at a minimum, include clothing that covers most of the upper torso, such as a sports bra.” Bench staff are to instruct players to: 
    a) Arrive at the rink wearing Minimum Attire;
    b) Utilize an appropriate private space to change to Minimum Attire; or
    c) Use a towel to cover up while changing into Minimum Attire
  3. Minimum Attire will be worn to/from showers, but is not required in the shower unless there is an additional accommodation request. A best practice solution can be to use swimwear for showering.
  4. Pre and post-game talks will only take place when all athletes present at the facility are in the Dressing Room.
  5. The ‘Rule of Two’ is mandated by Hockey Canada’s Dressing Room Supervision Policy. The Hockey Canada ‘Rule of Two’ states “To best ensure safety for all participants, all minor hockey programs sanctioned by Hockey Canada and its Members are required to implement the ‘Rule of Two’ for all dressing rooms. The ‘Rule of Two’ requires two trained and screened adults to be present in the dressing room or immediately outside the dressing room with the door propped open to monitor the environment and ensure it is free of any discrimination, harassment, bullying, or other forms of maltreatment. The Rule of Two remains in place when showers are in use.” The full Hockey Canada Policy can be found at the following link:
  6. To respect the privacy of participants, no videos, photos, or voice recordings of any kind may be taken using any device with recording capabilities in a Dressing Room. Cell phones are only permitted to be used in a Dressing Room for music. Complete “Prohibitive Use of Digital Devices Policy”:
    The CAL wishes to thank our Church Athletic League & Fort Henry organizers who have led the research into these important OHF policy developments.

Spread the word so that everyone can feel welcome playing minor hockey!